A Party Shop Has Arrived!

Well in a blog post kinda way anyway! Hopefully you are following us on Facebook, Insta or Snapchat and are all over everything Burnt Butter and know we opened in January. If you are not however, here is a little catch up...and then find us on social media! (Ha!) 

A year and a half ago an opportunity came up to sell our South Melbourne based cafe from where we were running our cake & catering business on the weekends. (Yes we were busy and crazy enough to work 7 days and many nights a week!) We decided to then take the plunge and do what we had dreamed of doing for so long. (We have been baking together since I (Lisa) was just 3 years old and have always began sentences with "when we have a cake shop..." for as long as I can remember!)

In 2015 we were based in the kitchen of our very good friends Swan Street Bakery & Patisserie and during that year a cute little shop up the road became vacant. We jumped at the chance to pilot an idea that had never been done before in one of our favourite suburbs that was in the process of reinventing itself. 

We have watched and listened to our clients intensely over the last 5-6 years and realised we could help make their party planning process easier. We were constantly being sent party ware samples and photos to match cakes to and we soon realised the daggy white lolly bags with the plastic freezer wire ties and clown on the front were long gone and being replaced with something quite amazing. We began to fall in love with modern day stylish party ware that reflected trends in home wares and high end fashion catwalks. We thought "wouldn't it be much easier if our favourite party ware was on hand to match to our cakes and eliminate our clients spending so much time online and on postage from here there and everywhere?" And so this coupled with the fact we found it extremely difficult to find one spot that covered everything we needed, we decided to create it! A boutique cake and party shop stocking all the latest designs. Fast forward 3 months, we opened our little pilot store on Swan St Richmond right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. On the eastern side of the Swan and Church streets intersection. Perfectly positioned with a customer car park at the rear in a central location that allows easy access from right across the city.

If you have happened to drive by you will have noticed it's cute but cosy. So squeezing everything in has been a challenge, along with the fact I (Lisa) let our friends at Shop For Shops go a little more crazy with our shop fitting than was originally planned! But boy are we happy with the end result! Our shelves are bursting with lots of colourful, stylish party goodies from invitations for the little ones, to cake toppers, confetti, party plates, cups and serviettes to much more. We even have confetti balloons and a helium tank or two to inflate on site!

Passers by often have a smile and we regularly catch those waiting for the lights have a good ol look, so we think we are on the right path. There is so much more planned, I'm just not sure where it will fit! But hey, that is a great problem to have, as after all this is a pilot store!

Since opening in February 2016, we have again been keeping our ears to the ground, ensuring what we are creating is what our clients need. Narrowing down the brands and product lines we need to stock, monitoring designs, researching, testing new products and boy do we have some exciting things on the way! 

We have also been working hard on our website which is evolving into a fabulous place to start and end your party planning. Parties are a whole lot easier with Burnt Butter so ordering on line is an absolute essential and you will find more and more products are uploaded every day. 

So this is us! This is our little one stop party shop or should we say, as Jan my mother in law says, "the littlest shop with the biggest parties!" Pop by and say hello, we would love to meet you and help you make your next event a little more special!

Lisa & Glenda xx

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