Back Up Plan!

I love the story behind these cupcakes that we made for Georgia's first birthday yesterday for so many reasons. 

When an old school friend suggested she was going to buy her babies 1st birthday cake her husband was mortified! He desperately wanted her to have a home made Women's Weekly number one cake. So he decided he was going to put on his apron and bake it himself.

We were then called upon as the back up plan! What a great idea. If the cake was a success these lemon mud lady birds were to be a little added extra and if the cake eventuated into "for display only" these were to serve their 40 guests! We can't wait to hear how his first cake went!

Children's birthdays (especially your babies first) can be stressful. From here on we plan to share a few party tricks every now and then to help reduce those stomach churning party day nerves. 

When holding your next kind to yourself, know your limitations and have a back up plan!