Lauren & Mick Cheese Tower - 168 portions

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Lauren & Mick McKenna Cheese Wheel Tower.jpg

Lauren & Mick Cheese Tower - 168 portions

from 529.95

This stunning, rustic cheese wheel tower is always a crowd pleaser. Boasting approximately 5.35kg of delicious international cheeses. This particular tower is always popular with those couples who prefer soft creamy cheeses and looking to avoid a blue. This is the same tower as the Lisa & Gerrad under lights dressed with a fig (seasonal), grapes and twigs. Please note the 2nd tier doesn’t always appear so bright.

Serves approximately 168 portions at 30g each. (Appropriate size for after dessert or pre dinner.)

Serves approximately 84 portions at 60g each. (Appropriate size for dessert or if serving with coffee and you would like some some left over.)

Please note the above price includes the cheese wheels only. To recreate this look use the drop down menu, but please bare in mind figs are a seasonal. Visit our online shop here for fun modern decorative options! 

Cheese tower assembly and biscuits can also be selected within the cheese tower menu. Should you wish to have your tower delivered, please contact us direct to check availability and pricing.

Scroll down for cheeses included and their sizes.

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Featuring the below cheeses with approximate measurements:

French Camembert (10.5cm x 4cm)

Australian Semi Hard (15cm X 7cm)

French Triple Cream (20cm x 7.5cm)

French Double Cream (23cm x 5cm)

A combined weight of approximately 5kg.

+ Please note the grapes, twigs and stand hire are not included but can be added to your order.

+ Cheese Wheel Towers can be collected from our shop front in Richmond.

+ Delivery can be arranged upon availability within Melbourne only. For prices see our info page here.